Ginger & the Ghost. Astronauts Etc. Poolside. The Independent. San Francisco. California. 3.27.2013.

Ginger & the Ghost. Part two. It's no secret that I love Poolside. I have been listening to them repeatedly since the discovery last winter. When I first saw that they were coming to The Independent, I really wanted to go, but no one I know can go out on a Wednesday night. So I never got tickets. It turns that out when I met Ginger & the Ghost yesterday, they were opening for Poolside today, so of course I had to go see my new friends and one of my favorite groups! It was as lovely as ever seeing Missy and Daniel take the stage. I ended up talking to Jeff (Poolside) afterwards about his first DJ stint here in San Francisco back in the day. He said that no one else there would know that fact. Although, I am seeing a pattern of The Independent and the funny business that follows. Remember this?

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