Zero Friends. Oakland. California. 7.19.2012.

I tried to go to Bakesale Betty again for lunch and failed miserably. This time I was visiting my friends Dave Correia and Alex Pardee at their natural habitat, Zero Friends. Dave has been working on his first solo show at Upper Playground Portland. It's going to be good. I saw it with my own eyes. Friends in the Dark will be opening in Upper Playground 8.2.2012. Please go hang out with Dave in Portland so he doesn't have zero friends. That painting there is a piece a fan gave Alex at one of his singings in LA. The artist is actually the person on the bed. Then we proceeded to lunch where we pondered existentialist questions. Such as: would a bearded person look weird with lipstick on? Then I realized I actually have a lipstick in my purse, so Alex tested this out sans mirror. What do you think? I thought he looked very pretty. Oh so pretty. Then Dave and I went into a store full of weaves and wigs, where I bought Alex the brightest orange lipstick for a rainy day, the best $2 I spent that day. Then I shoved my Sharffenberger brownie with brandied cherries down their throat.

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