Nobuyoshi Araki. Past Tense - Future, 1979 - 2040. Little Big Man Gallery. San Francisco. California. 7.26.2012.

Little Big Man Gallery proudly presents “PAST TENSE – FUTURE, 1979-2040”, By Nobuyoshi Araki.

The exhibition will be on view from July 26th, 2012 and features a prodigious volume of images constituting Araki’s latest photo diary work.

"Photographs are diary entries… That’s all they can be. Photographs are just documentations of a day’s event. At the same time, they drag the past into the present and also continue into the future. A day’s occurrence evokes both the past and the future. That’s why I want to clearly date my pictures. It’s actually frustrating, that’s why I now photograph the future…"
- Nobuyoshi Araki February 10, 2012

The current exhibition will comprise approximately 1900 works representing the period between 1979 and 2040, when Araki will be 100-years-old. Araki created the images by manipulating the camera’s dating feature, which imprints dates on the bottom of the photographic print. The works will be displayed in chronological order and presented as a diary. Shown as a diary that encompasses not only the past, but also the future, each of the images displayed appear to express the artist’s interior self and give a strong sense of the unique world that exist within. Araki continues to pursue new photographic possibilities while creating images that frankly communicate his emotions and also addressing memories of the recent great East Japan earthquake.

This exhibition will coinside with the presentation of Little Big Man Books Limited Edition Imprint titled "To The Past" by Nobuyoshi Araki

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