Polar Bears. 2.12.2012.

Tonight, I was watching Nature's Most Amazing Events. Immediately after watching part one, The Great Melt, I went online to Arctic Home to donate $100 $200 for saving the polar bears. Due to global warming, polar bears are facing extinction at an extremely rapid pace. Polar bears need frozen ice surface to hunt for food. During the arctic summer months, there is less and less frozen ice surface for the polar bears to hunt from, and the arctic summers are also increasing in duration. They either die from starvation or drown in the water. In lieu of any presents this year from you for any holiday, I would rather you make a donation to this cause instead. Coca-Cola is currently matching every dollar donation up to $1 million until 3.15.2012 if you get a product code from a Coca-Cola product. The minimum donation is $10. Please help however much you can.

Image below courtesy of Mathieu Belanger.

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