Jill Scott & Maxwell. Oracle Arena. Oakland. California. 6.4.2010.

So I have never actually attended a proper R&B concert ever prior to this show. I love Jill Scott. I own all her albums and many Jill Scott remixes and drop them in my DJ sets over the years (especially the ones by Quentin Harris on Restricted Access, so much that I often own 2 of each record). I kept missing Jill Scott over the years when she played in Oakland, mostly because the tickets were always $80. Finally this year I said, I will not miss her anymore. Little did I know, she opened for Maxwell. I showed up 30 minutes late and she was already on. Sigh. Jill was amazing. Then Maxwell came on, and Maxwell sang panty jams. I can't say I am a fan of panty jams. I was thoroughly unamused. However, I have never seen an arena full of women (mostly black) screaming for a man like that before. Then Maxwell finally said, "Can I be you baby daddy?" And that's when I said aloud, "I think I threw up in my mouth." then "Wow. I'm in Oakland." The entire time I stuck around with hopes that Jill will come out and sing with him. Nope. If Jill Scott comes around again, I will definitely see her, but you bet I won't be seeing Maxwell any time soon. Ironically enough, it was right after this show that my very long series of unfortunate events began. I blame it on Maxwell/panty jams.

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