Dow Chemicals. New York. 3.26.2010.

So on this day I got Albert Watson addicted to Shakeitphoto. This image was actually guided by the man himself as he told me to go over there with my phone to capture this. A week later I got a call at work.

AW: Amy?
AYY: Yes? (not a voice I recognized)
AW: It's Albert.
AYY: Hi! (confused)
AW: Amy, I have called with a complaint.
AYY: (silent, the shoot went well, is it the retouching?)
AW: I am waking up in the middle of the night taking pictures of my faucet with my phone.
AYY: (laughter)
AW: I cannot stop taking pictures of my prints with this either.
AYY: (if he sells those in galleries, I ought to get a percentage...)


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