Stonemill Matcha. San Francisco. California. 5.12.2018 + 5.19.2018.

I am a big matcha lover. I own premium ceremonial grade matcha and make it at home. Naturally I check out all things matcha related. I have gone to Stonewall Matcha twice now. It definitely caters to the Valenciaga crowd, but I tend to lean more toward authenticity. Last week I got the ginger matcha latte, which I found too sweet, along with the matcha cream pie. This week, I opted for the matcha mizudashi with the matcha cream puff. I prefer the straight up matcha as I am a purist, and I loved the matcha cream puff. The line is a bit ridiculous and the flow is not worked out at the moment. I will be returning then to try more items on their menu for another report.

Stonemill Matcha
561 Valencia St
San Francisco, CA 94110

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