The Speakeasy. San Francisco. California. 11.18.2016.

My friend Mary who works at Live 105 goes to a lot of shows, even more than I do if you can imagine that. She told me about this show called The Speakeasy that she stumbled upon years ago when they had a run in town and she said that it was the best thing she has ever seen in San Francisco. Hilariously, I was inquiring about this business' hidden speakeasy when I was in their store one day and the salesclerk told me to check out The Speakeasy as they would be held there. I put the two and two together and convinced a few of my friends to come to The Speakeasy with me. Especially since I didn't make it to Sleep No More on this night although I had tickets with Florence...

The Speakeasy is an immersive theatre set in 1923 during the prohibition era that takes place at a speakeasy. You can start at the cabaret, bar or casino. Pending where you begin and how you wander throughout the duration of the show, you will have a very different experience than others attending that evening. Formal dress is required and period dress is encouraged as you can blend in better with the performers for a better experience. Tickets start at $120 but I highly recommend you checking this show out for yourself. Please make sure to check your credit card afterwards for the charges to your tab in case they've made a mistake as it does happen.

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