Mister Jiu's. Chinatown. San Francisco. California. 6.11.2016.

My brother is now officially a doctor. So we had a banquet at Mister Jiu's to celebrate. This meal was super special and super delicious. This is what having almost the entire menu looks like.

Mister Jiu's
28 Waverly Place
San Francisco, CA 94108

Potstickers: monterey bay squid, pork, garlic, chives
Dry Aged Beef Tartare: anchovy, pickled ramps, sprouted mung beans, shrimp salt
Dungeness Crab Custard: crab tomalley, duck egg, carrot, pickled ginger
Silken Tofu: walnut, summer truffles, cloud ears
Devil's Gulch Pig Head: tea egg, black radish, amaranth, favas
Steamed Alaskan Halibut: young ginger, cilantro, shiitake broth, smoked oyster sauce
Lion's Head: pork meatball, fermented mustard greens, little gems, lion's mane mushrooms
Fried Rice: hanger steak, fried garlic, shishitos, cited tuna heart, egg
Tendrils, Greens & Stems: meyer lemon, roasted garlic, sea urchin, fermented tofu
Black Sesame Cake: rosebud mousse, strawberry confit, ginger
Chocolate: red bean, chocolate caramel, sesame & cinnamon


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