Kelinci does Italy. Amalfi Coast + Rome + Florence. 6.6.2014-6.17.2014.

This time, Kelinci came with me to Italy. Check out his adventures. For more adventures of Kelinci: http://berderp.com/category/kelinci/

Kelinci does Praiano.

Kelinci walks this way. Praiano.

Kelinci rides a donkey. Praiano.

Kelinci does Positano.

Kelinci does toilettes. Capri.

Kelinci on a boat. Capri.

Kelinci made some friends. Praiano.

Kelinci gets a lift. Praiano.

Kelinci on the roof. Praiano.

Kelinci gets some smokes. Praiano.

Kelinci does fountains. Rome.

Kelinci does Pinnochio. Rome.

Kelinci does Pantheon. Rome.

Kelinci does castle. Rome.

Kelinci does mass. Saint Peter's Basilica. Vatican City. Friday 6.13.2014 with a full moon.

Kelinci does Michelangelo. Saint Peter's Basilica. Vatican City.

Kelinci does Vatican Museum. Vatican City.

Kelinci does Ponte Vecchio. Florence.

Kelinci does espresso. Mercato Centrale. Florence.

Kelinci does Duomo. Florence.

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