To A Suitor. Maya Angelou x Tiffany Bozic. 5.28.2014.

It only seems appropriate to post this today in honor of Maya Angelou. This was a private commission I did by Tiffany Bozic back in 2003. I had been an admirer of her work for some time and I gathered the courage to introduce myself to her at an opening and asked about the possibility of a commission. Magically, she agreed and this was the painting I got. It was inspired by this Maya Angelou poem that she had hand written and sent to me with the painting.

If you are black and for me,
press steady, as the weight
of night. And I will show
cascades of brilliance, astrally.

If you are black and constant,
descend importantly,
as ritual, and I will arch
a crescent moon, naturally.

-Maya Angelou

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