Torc. Napa. California. 1.5.2014.

Congratulations to my friend Sean for opening his new restaurant! I finally made it up there. It does not disappoint. Please go check it out when you go up to Napa. Go say hi to Dirk Piggler too. Hard to miss him.

1140 Main Street Napa

A few of my favorite things that I got to taste:

house cured steelhead roe, potato chips, crème fraîche
bengali sweet potato pakora, yogurt-truffle dip
japanese kampachi crudo, crispy rice, thai chile, lime, avocado
star route farm roasted beet salad, pistachio, watercress, burrata cheese, sherry-maple glaze
little farm potato gnocchi, rugosa squash, amaretti, crispy lardon
roasted main lobster, salsify, yellowfoot mushroom, black truffle-basil sauce
milk chocolate bombe, jasmine, pistachio ice cream
brown butter ice cream

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