Nightmares on Wax. Mezzanine. San Francisco. California. 11.29.2013.

I have been a huge fan of Nightmares on Wax since the 90s. This was the first time I have ever seen them. I thought it was just a DJ set. But when I showed up and realized it was a live show, I was very excited. This may be the BEST live show I have ever been to ever. And I have been to more live shows than most people in general. I have not felt such love and positive energy like that since a Body and Soul party at WMC, or when I saw Florence + the Machine the first time. What an incredible experience! Do them a favor and help out with Last Night a DJ Saved My Life's Ibiza Heart Project in whichever way you can so we can get more clean drinking water out there for those who need it. Thank you!

Look at me
Look in my eyes
The soul within
I tell you no lie
I am you
You are me
So tell me...
Why can't we be

-I Am You

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