Dimitri from Paris. Mighty. San Francisco. California. 6.22.2013.

I have seen Dimitri from Paris play 4 times now. It's been easily over 10 years since I've seen him. Beside my ex-boyfriend who taught me how to DJ, I would have to say Derrick Carter and Dimitri from Paris are my biggest influences. They also both happen to be my favorite DJs and producers. It was a complete accident/surprise that I even realized he was playing in town, as I have removed myself from all party email lists since DJ retirement. What an amazing night! Now the hunt continues for the correct remix of Angie Stone's Wish I Didn't Miss You that he played...

Same old story is back again...
-Angie Stone

Here is an image I took from on stage of Dimitri from Paris at the Winter Music Conference 2003.

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