Dinner. State Bird Provisions. San Francisco. California. 2.1.2013.

First we watched Warm Bodies, which I highly recommend. Then we went to dinner at State Bird Provisions. I can see why it got voted best restaurant in America. The ambience was perfect. The food was amazing. It was also very affordable for this caliber of food. Last but not least, I had great company.

State Bird Provisions
1529 Fillmore St San Francisco CA 94115

CA state bird with provisions
tuna crudo & confit with chickpeas & cumin
lobster, lentil & asian pear salad
hamachi-avocado seaweed crostini
white chocolate mochi rice pudding, plum jam, frozen strawberries
candied almond & chocolate ‘ice cream’ sandwich, apricot meringue
‘world peace’ peanut muscovado milk

Not shown:
glazed pork ribs with swiss chard, togarashi
guinea hen dumpling with aromatic broth
garlic bread with burrata

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  1. Apparently ordering is serious business!