Solar eclipse. San Francisco. California. 5.20.2012.

After brunch, Inome and I decided to go make our own pinhole cameras out of Pringles cans and try to see the solar eclipse through them at the park by our apartment building. We headed out to the park at 5 and waited. We didn't see anything good through our pinhole cameras and could eventually see the eclipse through the flares off our iPhone pictures. So we gave up on our pinhole cameras entirely. Fortunately for everyone at the park, this couple had a sheet of mylar and you can see the eclipse through the mylar perfectly! A friend of theirs at NASA had told them about it. I had turned around to see why there were a bunch of people looking at this car on the road, when I thought my eyes were playing tricks on me. I saw crescent shadows on the car and on the wall. Then I finally realized that I was actually seeing the crescent shadows from the eclipse. What a treat to witness!

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