Happy Happy Guy. San Francisco. California. 1.23.2011.

My friend Todd says that there are a lot of great strange characters in San Francisco. Here is a fine example. He's at this every Sunday for at least the 10 years I've lived in San Francisco. He waves at people walking by, and says, "Happy. Happy. You have wonderful Daddy and Mommy," on repeat all day. But then if you read his signs it's a lot less cheerful. I've always been fascinated by the juxtaposition of his spoken words versus his printed words. I also love that he does this in front of the painted American flag wall always. Once I rode the bus with him on it. He's quite a caricature and people just naturally are drawn to him to strike up conversations. I cannot remember the conversation, but I do recall him saying, "I have to make pee pee."

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